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The restaurant Dorohoi services

Commercial aimed at a young market segment by providing inputs (fast food) and alcohol and coffee resulting in a double bar and cafe environment giving the customer the option of dining at our local enjoying the magnificent views of restaurant botez dorohoi and outdoors and at the same time have the facilities of a bar with a very minimalist.

Current and Potential Uses
As a service we provide a pleasant environment surrounded by good music, nice people, with affordable prices to the market that we targeted and variations that make us apart from the competition to provide customer choice.

Identification of Competitors
According to market research did not identify establishments that offered the same type of concept (product and service). We observed that our nearest competition the make barbecues and fast foods plus some hotel chains that sell this type of product and we identify as our nearest competition, are the following.

Offer Historic Behavior
The sector had higher job growth has been the services sector such as construction, trade, restaurants and hotels. Importantly, the most dynamic sectors of the economy in the last year were exports and investment firms which constitute admissions high level income per worker and less intensive in labor.

Projection of the Offer
It is estimated that over the next 10 years the village of Dorohoi will continue to grow as the favorite for the establishment of bars, clubs and restaurants as their value is increasing as commercial and construction point.

For discounted prices directly compete with those of our competitors this is due to our marketing strategy in conjunction with our various suppliers to capture the audience we want to reach and to be present, in addition to this offer greater choice and facilities to our customers.

The quality standard
We adhere to a strict quality standard as we try to satisfy our customer with the best service and the best service, the most affordable prices and the best tickets and drinks prepared by a highly trained staff to perform these tasks.

Plan or sales strategy


Our marketing and sales plan is based on developing a clear identification between bar / cafe avenue and your target market for this to appoint a budget. Advertising will be targeted consumer directly, as we must focus scarce resources to direct the target market trying to report on our products in a more effective thus creating an image of prestige on the quality and service of our bar / restaurant.


Ability to attract users looking for a cafe like atmosphere both bar without having to choose between one of two.
 Growing habit of having a place with an atmosphere where conversation and consume as much alcohol as coffees, juices and other and simultaneously to eat (snacks). It is a new concept that does not exist in Panama even, in which the comfort, fun and sharing some time with a group of people, with high quality of service and product.